Rehab Has Begun!

Today was another step towards full recovery. Steve’s first physical therapy was today. We really liked the Physical Therapist. He will go twice a week now.

Steve had been wondering how to know if he was using 50% of his weight. The therapist explained that it would be how you would walk if you were walking on a pond that had thin ice on it. That simple explanation really helped.

Today was mainly evaluation and then giving some simple exercises. But, Steve is REALLY feeling it tonight! They told him that PT stands for pain and torture to begin with, and then it stands for please and thank you afterward.

All in all, though, it felt good for him to do some movement and was so encouraging. We are prayerfully optimistic it is a step in the right direction. 🤣

Ordinarily when we are burdened with outward afflictions, we only think of natural helps and comforts. Whereas the way for us to sanctify God’s name, to do what is acceptable to God when any outward affliction comes, is to exercise our faith in the great promise of God in Jesus Christ, upon the great Covenant of Grace that God has made with us in him.

Jeremiah Burroughs, The Wonders of Jesus
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