Pressing on…

We are pressing on day by day. Last week, Steve worked 4 hours daily, and this week he has upped it to 5. Slowly, a teeny bit of normalcy is coming back to our house. I have also ventured outside of our little bubble of the bedroom this week. I have to force myself because mentally I want to stay hidden away from the rest of life with nothing but me, my husband, and the Lord. But, others need me as well. It has been strange doing normal “life” things again instead of staying by Steven’s side 100% as caregiver. But, my family needs me as well, and Steve is growing stronger each day and able to do more and more himself. He loves his backscratcher even more now and uses it as a handy multitool to grab things far away. 😂 Don’t get me wrong, I am still spending much of my time serving Steve. I get nervous when it’s been too long since I’ve checked on him. But my family is encouraging me that it’s ok to focus on something else for a short time. It’s hard to explain. Maybe others that have been through a similar situation can relate.

Yesterday the physical therapist came and ramped it up a notch with exercises. They are more difficult for Steve to do but it’s important for him to be doing them to assist with the healing process. We have a running joke with the therapist. Steve HATES ice and she has suggested it several times for pain control. Now she has promised she will never use that word in our house again. In fact, the other day when a substitute was going to come she told the sub, DON’T use the word ice around Mr. Ervin. 😂 But, she is staying on him to be doing his exercises consistently.

Speaking of a little normalcy. Weston came over to visit yesterday and it was so fun (and really restorative) to laugh and enjoy him so much. He and Aurelia are rays of sunshine in our lives.

Tonight Steve and I took a little car date. We took a drive back into the Drs to pick up the paperwork for him to get a handicap sign for our car. We also picked up his prescription and ate supper in the car. It was a hot date. 😂 Seriously though, it was good for us to get out, even if Steve never got out of the car.

Steve’s continued prayer request is for long-term patience. As this quote below says “with dignity, calmness, and submission to the afflictive dealings of his Heavenly Father.

There is not a more God honouring grace of the Christian character than patience – a patient waiting on and for the Lord. It is that Christian grace, the fruit of the Spirit, which will enable you to bear with dignity, calmness, and submission the afflictive dealings of your Heavenly Father, the rebuke of the world, and the wounding of the saints.

Octavious Winslow
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