A Peaceful Home Birth- Stacy’s Birth Story

Stacy had a home birth with her first baby, and loved the experience, but she wanted an even more peaceful home birth with her second. Read on to hear her story…

Stacy had a home birth with her first baby, and loved the experience, but she wanted an even more peaceful home birth with her second.  Read on to hear her story...

I literally feel like I am on a high right now. I am riding on the memory of the most amazing, beautiful birth last night. Words fail me as I try to describe the beauty of a quiet, gentle, peaceful home birth. To get to assist in the bringing of another little person into this world leaves me speechless.


twinkle lights…

quiet music…

scripture birth affirmations…

dim lights…

quiet conversation

All of these are in the background. The mother quietly labors, on the birthing ball, in the bed, then in the water. She marvels over how relaxing and happy she feels in between the tightening waves of her contracting uterus. So different than her birth before. It was a peaceful home birth just like she had desired.

She climbs in the birth pool and sighs with relief and comfort as the warm water envelops her and her pregnant belly.She concentrates surrounded by the watery warmth to bring her little girl into the world.

A supportive father with his arms around his wife in the tub supporting her as her baby moved downward. It’s the most beautiful rhythm of birth.

The toddler sleeps quietly in the next room as his sister is making her way into the world. He is blissfully unaware of the miracle occurring in those moments. All is calm as the mother’s body does what it was created to do. The mother is working, sweating as she labors but confident in the strength God had given her. She surrenders. She calls on Jesus in whispers as her baby inches closer into her arms.

A Peaceful Home Birth

The babe is born and elated joy sweeps through the room. Quiet bonding in the water as baby girl takes her first breath. She nuzzles and meets her parents still in a wet world of warmth. There are no bright lights, no busy doctors, just a birth support team letting things happen the way they should.

Granny’s eyes brim over with tears at the beautiful sight and she is joyously surprised to be able to cut the cord that had sustained her grand-baby with nourishment all this months in the womb.Now out of the tub, Daddy takes the little one with joy unspeakable, amazing laughter flowing out of him- he couldn’t have fathomed such love being possible.

Stacy's birth story

Mama climbs into a fresh bed with warm sheets and blankets and smiles, she brings her little girl to her and the baby immediately suckles. It is the most natural thing in the world. Both this woman and child knows just what to do. It is the golden hour. Nothing to hinder the deepest bonding.

Now this new mama eats and is nourished by her own mother’s home cooked meal. She begins to relive the wonder of these moments, of this peaceful home birth. Only now will the birth team step in and begin to do the necessary check ups of baby and mama. Little girl is weighed by daddy at the foot of the bed- and everyone marvels over how much bigger she is than she looked. A healthy picture of newness of life as all is well with the child. Baby girl protests until she is contentedly back into her mama’s arms. The contentedness of both the babe and mama is evident as they snuggle back in.

The family and birth team quietly chat and enjoy these precious post-birth moments. Contentness spilling through the house. I walk out of the house at dawn, a new day beginning and there is something so astounding beautiful about it all. The calm of dawn, the first light appearing- a new day in it’s promise. The new parents will sleep now, resting quietly until her big brother wakes.

He comes in while there is still darkness and his little baby sister is sleeping and so he touches her little feet over and over again. Warming up to a new little life being in the family. He has been waiting in his little 2 year old anticipation. Now he is ready to hold her and kisses her again and again.This is beauty. This is new life. This is a miracle. This is a peaceful home birth. And I stand amazed that I once again was able to be a part of it.

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