Getting into a routine?

Thank you again for the continued prayers. So many of you have responded that you continue to pray and have texted to see if we need anything with being snowed in, etc. The nurse tried to get here this morning and had to turn around because the hill at the end of our road is undrivable. Last night Joshua and Rachel brought us a meal and one of the kids drove down with our 4 wheel drive to get it from them at the end of the road. 😂 Some of our grown kids made it over last night but got stuck in the driveway.

The last couple of days Steve was able to begin working at his desk. He is trying to do 4 hours a day to start with. Yesterday he had a slow morning, sleeping very late (so glad!) and was able to do 4 hours of work at his desk. He took a long hard nap in the late afternoon early evening. He then came out to the living room to be with the family for a little while. By 8:30 though his pain had ramped up again, so he took his sleeping pill which allowed him to go to bed for the night. Praise the Lord he has been able to rest! He is up every couple of hours to take pain meds and use the bathroom but is able to go back to sleep right away and still really rest in the morning hours. It seems his body needs MANY hours of sleep to heal and I am so glad he is getting that.

I think for the next little bit this is a good routine. It is very good for him to be able to work…it helps him mentally to get a little bit of normalcy. Very slow mornings, work at his desk in the afternoons, another nap, a little time with family in the evening, and then bed. He said this morning he might have felt a shift in his healing. It has been three weeks today.

The therapist called and reminded me that he needs to be doing his daily exercises. So many things to remember, with the meds and helping with all the daily things. We are going to try to add that to his routine as well.

Thank you again for your love. You just have no idea what a blessing each one of your services has meant. A friend from Texas paid for my cleaning lady who I had put on hold until S is working again. So on Thursday, I get the blessing of a shiny clean house!

Another prayer request would actually be for me. I know my adrenals and immune system are down and several of us are sick with some sort of cold. The dry hacking cough I have had is really rough and I need strength in my body to care for my husband and family. My mom who is my right hand now has it as well.

Just like we need meals 3 times a day, we need grace minute by minute. We can’t live on the grace from yesterday. He is glorified when we live in dependency on Him.

Oh and lastly a PRAISE! The last couple of nights Steve has been able to sleep propped in the bed! It has been so wonderful to be able to be next to my husband again! It’s the little things!

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