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Intentional Childbirth Doula Services is dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of the whole family during the beautiful season of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, as well as postpartum!


Birth Doula, SBD®

Hi, I am Jenny. 

I always say I was born a doula. My birthing support is born out of many years of passion for this season in a woman’s life, many life experiences (including 8 children), and a desire to serve.

Ever since I was a teenager, I lived and breathed anything that had to do with pregnancy and babies.  It might have something to do with the fact that I was at my baby brother’s birth when I was 16.  I truly loved it!  For my high school graduation, rather than wanting what most girls want at that age, I asked for things like a baby stethoscope, a fetoscope, and a blood pressure cuff. 😂

Fast forward many years and 8 living children (and 4 precious babies in heaven) my passion to serve comes from my own experiences as well.

Birth centers, home births, water births and an epidural in the hospital have all been a part of my own journey. But while the circumstances have varied greatly, but my love and passion for these things have not changed. You can read my second born’s birth story in the blog section.  (He was almost born in the car!) and I also blogged about the home waterbirth of my seventh baby, 

Why a Doula?

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful moments in a person’s life.  It can also be one of the scariest, and most vulnerable times in a woman’s life.  We are in a hostile society where birth is treated as a sickness instead of a natural, beautiful part of life.  Birth can be one of the most traumatic events or one of the most supremely exhilarating times.  And much of that has to do with the care and support you do or do not have.

When I had my first baby I had been preparing to be a midwife.  I had been at births and a part of the experience several times.  I was no stranger to the process of labor and delivery.  My husband was more supportive than most men, and I had amazing midwives to assist me in my desire for an unmedicated birth.  

A doula helping a husband and wife learn how to work through pregnancy

But, do you know what happened?  The minute my labor became intense while I wanted my husband’s continual touch and closeness, it was my mama’s face that I sought.  I needed another woman who had been through what I was going through to help me, encourage me, and even anticipate my every need. You see, my mother was my doula even though I had not planned that all out. 

When we are birthing, we naturally turn to the women who have been there before us. To be our advocate, support, encourage and guide us.

Intentional Childbirth Doula Services will do that for you!

Doulas are for siblings too!

Not your first baby?
Learn about how a doula can assist you with sibling preparation our FREE resource “Bonding Birthing Traditions”!

What is a Doula?


Educational Support

A doula is there to assist with providing information and education. Coming along side the expectant parents she is available for questions throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. This enables the parents to make not only informed decisions but feel confident throughout the whole journey. 



While a doula is not a medical caregiver, a doula provides physical support and comfort measures throughout labor, delivery and postpartum. Whether it is through suggesting effective positions, offering  a warm blanket, cool drink, or massage a doula is there for your physical comfort and needs. 


Emotional Support

Birthing a baby is a highly emotional event for a woman. A doula is there for encouragement, support, and understanding before, during and after. She is a cheerleader, advocate and friend. Your emotional health is a strong priority to your doula. Assisting with fears beforehand, overwhelm during labor and processing postpartum emotions are all part of a doulas role.

Hear from other new parents...

Jenny is an AMAZING doula!! She helped us through the birth of our 1st child.

We hired a Doula to help us through the birthing process for support and knowledge, as I suffer from anxiety and my husband is very much an introvert—has a hard time processing emotion.

Jenny was there for us every step of the way….helping me through times of feeling anxious and educating and encouraging my husband on the birthing process.

During delivery, Jenny’s calming presence helped me stay calm and collected during a time I would normally be overly anxious.

As well, with her encouragement, my husband was present and participating in the labor—when and where he could be.
Before having a Doula my husband did not want to be anywhere near the labor room, after having a Doula my husband stayed with me the whole time, offered words of encouragement, helped with calming/soothing techniques during contractions, “looked” as our baby girl was being born and cut the umbilical cord.
Having Jenny was such a blessing! A Doula is there to support both you (the pregnant one) and your husband. ~Laura

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

John Kennell


Research has shown that having a doula gives you a 39% decrease in the risk of a Cesarean (c-section)

will she need a cesarean?
Jenny was an amazing doula! We met a few times prior to me going into labor and she truly listened and understood how I wanted my birth plan to go. She was in my corner every step of the way and was a great advocate for me during those tough contractions! She was able to coach me through mentally, physically and emotionally and was able to translate what was happening to my husband. I highly recommend Jenny!
pushing baby
Jenny was very thorough in our meetings before the birth so she knew exactly what was needed when I was actually in labor. She showed up exactly at the right time, coached me through contractions and knew exactly when it was time to head out. She had the exact words to say to comfort me when I got emotional and helped my husband know what to do and say as well. She even snapped a couple photos. Definitely recommend.
being a doula is about comforting
We had Jenny for our first baby and she helped us tremendously. My wife and I have never really been around babies and definitely didn’t know what to expect with birthing our own. Jenny really helped us know what to expect and feel really prepared. She was with us during our 30+ hour birth and was invaluable in making both myself and wife feel constant support. Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

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