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Steve has had three good days of being able to put in 4 hours of work each day. The ticket seems to be, slow easy mornings, work in the afternoons, and then another afternoon rest. In the evenings for a short time, he has enjoyed being with the family, supper, and brief family worship. By about 8 PM he is really feeling the nighttime pain ramping up and so it’s time to start winding down. Tonight we tuned into the Wednesday night prayer meeting service and now he’s on the phone giving his parents an update. His nights for the most part are restful- he is up several times but then right back to sleep. His body is working hard at healing and he can feel himself a bit stronger day by day.

The nurse tried to get through yesterday for a visit but had to turn around due to the snow and ice on the road. A therapist will come tomorrow. His swelling has pretty much finally gone away- in fact, he has lost 20lbs from when the therapist first weighed him. He was SO swollen! He’s now right at about the weight he was at the time of the accident.

He is taking some natural products to assist with his healing along with his pain meds. Right now he is doing Calcium/Magnesium, Homeopathic Bone Drops, Vit. D, Iron, BioCleanse, Vit. C. Soon, he will get on a regime of some more nutrients to help assist with the cartilage. Funny story, I give him his “daily’s” as we call them. I take them all out of the bottles and hand them to him to take. Then I give him his blood thinner shot. Well, the other day I started him on an iron supplement. It’s a pretty big pill and it’s green. 😂 So I give him the handful of his daily’s and he spots the iron pill. “What is this?” he says. “Take that away.” LOL! He also made a comment about how his daily handful of pills is growing. 😉 In the midst of all the trials we still love to tease each other. Like when he starts falling asleep as he’s watching something on his phone when the Ambien hits him, or when he tried to wash his face off with the “washcloth” that was actually his hospital socks in the hospital. 😂

The kids were back to school today (Hannah and Daniel that is) so a little bit of normalcy after fun snow days. There is still a bit of snow here and there but I would guess most will be gone by tomorrow.

A prayer request this time is for the caregivers:

My mom has really turned quite sick. She has been home the last couple of days needing to do nothing but rest. Please pray for her recovery. My sister just tested positive for Covid, but my mom has taken two tests and is negative. I too am feeling like I am run down. I have had this dry cough for days, but tonight it’s acting like I might get a sore throat. 😔 In general, I think we are all at a deep level of fatigue. We need strength, especially so I can care for my husband and family. I just finished taking some Vit. C and drinking some elderberry immune-boosting drink but I don’t do so well taking care of myself. 😃

I will leave you with this quote by Samuel Rutherford:

If your Lord calls you to suffering, do not be dismayed, for He will provide a deeper portion of Christ in your suffering. The softest pillow will be placed under your head though you must set your bare feet among thorns. Do not be afraid at suffering for Christ, for He has a sweet peace for a sufferer.

Samuel Rutherford
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