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Having a baby can be...

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Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences in your life! It is a season of joy, expectation and excitement! 

It can also be a bit overwhelming, intimidating and even scary. Intentional Childbirth is here with you every step of the way.  We will help you savor every moment. Whether you take our Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation Classes, use our Doula support or through our information and encouragement packed articles and great free resources, we are here for you!

Intentional Childbirth Preparation Classes. Available Now!

You can have the birth of your dreams!

"Giving birth was so scary and overwhelming to me! I had been surrounded by the idea that my pregnancy was a medical condition. Now I feel confident, prepared and excited to meet our little one!"

Your birth doesn't have to just happen to you.

You can birth with intention.

You have a voice.

First baby?

Rather than birth being a scary unknown, through preparedness and education you can have the birth of your dreams!​

Have you had a baby before and want a different experience than last time?

We are here to help you make that happen! We are here with sibling preparation ideas as well.

Just had a baby?

Birthing and beyond is our motto. Postpartum and early infant care are just as important and we have your back.

The most comprehensive birth plan made simple.

Download our printable birth plan.  Because many small choices lead up to big events. Your voice should be heard.  Your birth should be a reflection of you. 

Your Comprehensive Online Childbirth Preparation Classes.
Support for the Whole Family!

What our childbirth preparation classes include
(and what makes us different)

These are just a few of the questions that you will have answered in our classes:


Feel calm and confident about your ability to give birth. Learn how perfectly designed your body is to give birth.

Your body was made to have this baby.  Unlike the medical community which treats labor and delivery as a sickness, instilling fear into young mothers, you need to know that  your body was equipped to birth this baby in a wonderful way! And you have choices and a voice as to how that happens.  


Take away the fear of the unknown. Feel prepared and educated from start to finish.

We have been there. Now let us guide you through. Learn the stages of labor, what is happening in your body and with your baby throughout the process. Learn about the different choices you have and decisions you may encounter throughout the labor and delivery process. Go into your birth confident and prepared!


Have the best recovery ever. Learn how to savor every moment with your little one. Because postpartum matters.

Far from your journey ending at birth, it is just the beginning. We believe postpartum and the immediate several weeks and months afterwards are just as important.  Learn practical suggestions for recovery, helps with common struggles of new parenthood and learn the basics of newborn care.


These childbirth preparation classes are designed for you to customize. Keep it simple, or dig deep. It's your choice.

Do you want a simple, basic childbirth course? We’ve got you covered. Choose from our basic courses for the help you need. 

Do you want a more thorough treatment and one-stop-shop for all things birth and baby? We are comprehensive in our information! Dive deep into the more technical and detailed modules. 

Intentional Childbirth Preparation Classes

Nothing feels worse than wanting to help the one you love but not being sure how.  We will equip the dads on how to best care for you and support you.  This is a journey you are on together!

When you purchase the Intentional Childbirth Preparation Classes you will receive lifetime access to our Intentional Childbirth Birthing and Beyond Group. Here you will be able to glean wisdom from other experienced mothers, receive links to helpful articles and tips, and you will have access to our Intentional Childbirth team for conversations, questions and advice. 

Hear From Other Expectant Parents:

My husband and I really enjoyed the Intentional Childbirth classes! We felt that Jenny took the time to go in-depth with a lot of different areas that first time parents don’t usually receive any education on. Having knowledge on the process of labor really helps you to feel so much more prepared and confident for what lies ahead! Some of our favorite parts included learning about the importance of relaxation (and how tensing different body parts affect the labor process) and learning different comfort measures that actually allow the pelvis to expand as it needs to. We really appreciated the thoroughness and how Jenny gave us the information and facts needed to be able to make decisions that were best for our family! These things are exactly what is needed to make childbirth truly intentional.
Maddie Shelton
Expectant Mom
The Intentional Childbirth Preparation Classes were very fun and informative. Jenny is very knowledgeable and her classes were very thorough. It was so helpful in particular to have more clarity on the positions that could be most helpful for labor and delivery. This is my husband’s first baby and my third. He feels so much more comfortable now going into the birth process. We both learned so much! Highly recommend.
intentional childbirth
Samantha Whiteneck
Expectant Mom

In these classes you will...

Intentional Childbirth

Bonus printables included:

Plus you will receive access to over 40 additional resources, PDF documents and links for continued research and education.

"Giving birth is a transformation, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had eight babies before. It’s still a transformation the next time you have another baby, because you are no longer the same woman you were before you had that baby."

~Penny Handford

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